Happy Clients

“Tracy was amazing with my 9-year-old son. She was kind, considerate and a wealth of knowledge. Her advice
was very practical and easy to implement. I would definitely recommend her to my closest friends”

- Kelly

“I’ve taken Tracy’s nutrition class and it was fabulous! I thought I knew a lot about health & nutrition, but Tracy’s knowledge and training style was wonderful and taught me so much more than I expected. Tracy takes you to a whole new level of learning about food and what you put in your body! I highly recommend engaging Tracy in your nutrition knowledge and needs, she’s truly a special instructor and inspiration.”

- Lori

“Tracy has helped me focus to get back on track to feeling healthy. She takes the time to speak to me in terms I can understand and helps me break down OUR strategy, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Not only do I trusther recommendations…I know she cares about my success! I highly recommend Tracy.”

- Dominique

“As an active senior, I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, however, I learned so much more from Tracy. I feel I know understand the importance of HOW to eat for health and energy. The reason I came to Tracy in the first place was to lose weight and increase energy, both of which I have accomplished through my work with Tracy. But the most important gift I received, was to finally let go of the negative self-judgement. This will allow me to love the rest of my life more fully. As a result, I am calmer, happier and healthier. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone.”

- Dana

“I’ve had 2 sessions with Tracy and am totally blown away by the magnitude of her knowledge!! I eat pretty well  as it is, but she has given me such great tips and education that I’ve already started implementing into my daily life to just feel better both physically and mentally! There is a lot of information out there on what we should and shouldn’t be eating, much of which is very conflicting. Tracy is so great at breaking it down and pointing one in the right direction, while not being judgmental. Girl knows her stuff and I highly recommend her!!!!”

- Kelli

“So…I know some stuff. I am a physical therapist, a personal trainer, and a Level 1 and 2 Certified Nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

I have had Celiac disease and Hashimotos diagnosed late in life and have read all the books I can, Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Paleo Solution, the thyroid this, the thyroid that, Datus, Isabella, Paleo Mom, Paleo Dad, Paleo Great Uncle…whatever. All the Functional Med Docs, all of the spitting hormone tests, and that jazz. You autoimmuners know what I am saying…Knowing all that doesn’t make it easy to work on yourself!

Tracy possesses three things I desperately needed to refine and focus my nutritional density and deep health, to edit the massive amounts of info in my brain.
1. Listen and connect my symptoms, subtle and not so subtle, to my intake. Connect MY symptoms to my intake, and then skillfully direct me to supplements or food tweaks to reduce symptoms. Her deep knowledge of the biochemistry of digestion has allowed me to be in control of symptoms in a way that practitioners were not able to connect for me.

2. Education. She educates me on the importance of each macronutrient, fat, protein and carbs, and connects it to what I am feeling in my body. She intimately knows every step of digestion and connects that to my symptoms and why it’s important for me to try this tea, or eat more greens, or try this supplement. Having the education makes me feel more in control!

3. A simple plan and accountability. With only one or two things to work on a month, I am totally able to nail my goals. Every 2 week check-in keeps me focused and accountable. My goals are based on behaviors, so they are tactile, easy to do things that stack up to make a difference. The fact that she is wise, charming, funny, and incredibly compassionate makes all of the above even better!”

- Beth


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