Don’t let another day go by not feeling like your best self. You are worth it!

It might feel a little selfish… but trust me, your friends and family will benefit from your newfound zest! Listen, I really know all this from my own experience. I know what it’s like to want, desire, and positively CRAVE huge change in your body.

I have always been passionate about health, wellness and especially nutrition. That’s why I got into health care in the first place. Even though the business side of healthcare wasn’t a source of joy for me, it offered a breadth of experience and a tremendous platform for my next adventure. I was motivated, I wanted to do great things. I wanted to help people with their health!

Meanwhile, I had been suffering from an eating disorder. For years.

Like many, I seemed to have endless amounts of confidence on the outside. But inside, not so much!

I understand the pain and emotion that is often tied to food… I thought “if only I just didn’t have to eat, life would be easier…”

Wow, was I missing out – food is amazing!

Food fuels your body and feeds your soul.

That’s why I’ll show you that self-talk is part of your nutrition too. If you want health and joy in your body, you have to be feeding yourself delicious stories AND delicious food. It took me awhile to figure that out too.

When I worked in provider relations, I reviewed many medical claims. I have seen first hand the catastrophic impacts of long-term chronic disease – both financially and physically!  And so much of it is preventable.

After the birth of my son in 2011, I decided to take some time off to be a mom, but also to reignite my passion and figure out what was next for me. During that time, our family experienced significant health events. While everyone is doing great today, it was a pretty scary time for all of us.

As a result of the emotional stress, I experienced some health issues myself.  I saw my practitioner who told me ‘I don’t know how to help you.’ That was my call to action. I decided in that very moment to take charge of my own health. To be my own advocate.

Shortly after, I went back to school and I became my own first client. Now I live to inspire people like you to transform your life like I did, with food, exercise and stress reduction.

I’ve already tried it all! Why will it work this time?

I can hear you saying something like this in your head, but real-talk, what I’m offering here is so different.

I’m here to facilitate your journey – NOT to judge.
I’m here to educate  – NOT to tell you what to do.
I’m here to give you alternatives – NOT to take away your choices.

This isn’t a weird fad diet, this is about a lifestyle change for long-term results that you’ll be thrilled with. I’ll teach you how to eat really amazing healthy food – that is also incredibly yummy and satiating!

And it’s all based on your bio-individual composition. For example, you might be doing things that are leading to inflammation. And, an inflamed body cannot lose weight, at least not easily or sustainably. Or, perhaps, your constant exposure to emotional stress is causing damage to your adrenal health. We’ll also have discussions on your bloodwork or other test results that you’ve had that can give us clues to what you need.

No two people are alike! Addressing your individual situation will allow me to make nutritional recommendations based on your specific needs.

And I’m so glad that I’ve been lucky enough to get into this so recently because I’ve learned the newest, most updated education and expertise on nutrition. There are a lot of new exciting discoveries in this ever-changing industry that can positively affect your outcome!

So if you’re not feeling your best, there’s no better time to schedule a free consultation with me!

I’m confident I can help you with the same compassion and care that I give my own family and friends.

We can meet in person in my office, or virtually if that’s better for you. (As I said, I have a lot of busy clients, didn’t I?)  I make it easy for you!

It’s a free sample, honest.

So make an appointment with me now for a FREE 30-minute consultation! Click the button below, and let’s get you feeling beautiful!

I'm ready!